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Tianjin, FTZ, PRC

In a few words, Tianjin can be described as an advanced city. With a population close to 9.6 million, Tianjin boasts a world-class educational network of over 20 colleges and universities and 320 vocational and technical schools producing thousands of well-trained professionals and industrial workers each year.

Renowned for its research capabilities, Tianjin has 150 institutions of natural science research, 159 scientific research institutes, 8 state laboratories, 10 state research centers for engineering technology and 27 state or ministerial technical testing centers.

Also, Tianjin ranks among the top three most technologically advanced Chinese cities.

Greenville’s relationship with Tianjin is relatively young, having been established in 2002. During that time, two delegations from Tianjin have visited Greenville and a trip by Greenvillians to Tianjin is being planned.